Our Story

The “Emmanuel Durlet Foundation v.z.w.” was founded on 29th November 1976. Its objective is to promote the works of Emmanuel Durlet and to spread information about the career and activities of this great artist.

LogoSince its formation, the Foundation has published more than 130 works of Emmanuel Durlet and two long playing records (sold out). In 1992 a CD with the pianoconcerto’s “Medieval Scenes” by Emmanuel Durlet and “Symphonic Poems” for Piano and Orchestra by Peter Benoit (in the piano version of Durlet). In 1996 a CD with piano works of Emmanuel Durlet performed by Luc Devos. In 1996 a second CD with piano works performed by Maria Parshina. In 2005 a CD with piano works of Chopin and Durlet, performed by Kiyotaka Izumi. In 2008 a CD with 18th century Flemish composers for the harpsichord in a transcription for piano by Emmanuel Durlet.

Since 1979 the Foundation also contributed actively to the promotion of the triennial “International Emmanuel Durlet Prize for Piano”, organized by the “Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen” (former Royal Flemish Conservatoire of Music). This prize was founded in 1978 at the initiative of Juliane Castro, former pupil of Emmanuel Durlet.

In 2005 was the last international competition.

2018 is the year that Emmanuel Durlet celebrates his 125th Birth Anniversary, the family Durlet asked for a new competition to honor this occasion. Emmanuel Durlet Foundation v.z.w. was happy to oblige.