Durlet Competition

  • The International Piano Competition ‘Emmanuel Durlet’ is open to participants born after 1st of march 1991 and will take place at De ! Kunsthumaniora, Antwerp, from Friday 12 April until Sunday 14 April 2019.
  • Registration deadline: 28 February 2019, 23:59:59 GMT+2
  • The application form can be found here. Documents to be joined to the application (automatic part of the registration process):
    • Photocopy of the Identity Card / Passport of the candidate
    • Photocopy of the identity Card / Passport of the parents if the candidate is younger than 18 years
    • One picture (JPG, 300 dpi)
    • Programme for the three rounds (Preliminary round, Semi-finals and the Finals) conform to the rules with the duration of each piece of music.
    • The registration of the candidature will be final after paying the application fee of fifty euro (€50) via PayPal (automatic part of the registration process).
    • Link to YouTube or Vimeo channel where the participant is clearly visible playing music from the following pieces:
      • J.S. Bach: one Prelude and Fugue from “The Well-Tempered Clavier”

      • One Etude by Fr. Chopin, Fr. Liszt, S. Rachmaninov, Cl. Debussy, A.N. Skriabin, I. Stravinsky, S. Prokofiev, B. Bartók or G. Ligeti.

      • One movement of a Sonata by J. Haydn, W.A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven (except nr 28, op. 101 – nr 32, op. 111) or Fr. Schubert (except D. 958 – 960).

        Please mind: These works may also be chosen for the semi-finals

        Optional: the candidate can send the video via WeTransfer or dropsend to info @ emmanuel-durlet.be.

  • The jury makes a selection of the applicants. Twenty are selected for the competition.
    Candidates who are not admitted to the competition will be refunded their payment.
  • Each candidate must indicate the order he / she will perform his / her programme. With the duration mentioned in minutes of all the works. If it appears that the programme of the candidate is longer than stipulated in the rules, the President of the Jury may interrupt the candidate. The programme of the candidates may not be modified after the limit date of the registration.
  • All the pieces must be performed by heart, with exception of the obligatory work from the Sorodha Composition competition 2018. This will be mailed to the participating candidates after the registration closes.
  • The order in which the candidates will perform will be determined by draw on 11 April 2019, 20h00. This order will remain for the next rounds.
  • The International Piano Competition ‘Emmanuel Durlet’ can be awarded only once to the same candidate.
    All the decisions of the Jury are irrevocable.
  • By sending photos each participants declares that they took the photograph(s) themselves, and have the unrestricted rights to provide the organizers of the International Piano Competition Emmanuel Durlet 2018  the rights to use them to an unlimited extent. All third parties’ financial claims resulting from the use of the photographs (e.g. claims for compensation for taking and using portraits and pictures of individuals) had been satisfied as of the date of submitting the photographs. During and after the end of the contest, all recorded photographs will become property of the organizer that reserves the right to treat them at its own discretion, and use them for its marketing purposes without the contestants’ further consent. By submitting a photograph, the contestant grants the organizer the right to use the photograph in all lawful ways, also for the organizer’s needs, during the term of copyrights to the given photographs. A contestant agrees to publishing submitted photographs in a printed or electronic form within the contest without entitlement to fees, and in printed matters and electronic media of the contest organizer and media partners. The photographs will neither be commercially licenced in any way, nor provided to third parties for commercial purposes.
  • Only the Dutch version of these rules is authentic. The English translation is given merely for convenience’s sake.